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Bad request

I can’t seem to do anything - from signing in or just searching for an agent. It just keeps giving me alerts of “bad request”. This app isn’t usable at all for me :(

This app is great but...

This app is great and worked great for the longest time but all of a sudden just pops up with the message "bad request". I've tried turning off the phone and updating the app but it doesn't work. I'd love to use the app again!

*Edit 6/18* New updates makes app unusable

*Edit: missing info is back, app is back to being a great tool again thanks! Five stars* App used to work great, very quick and the most up to date versus the competitors. However the newest update has removed price history, school district info, listing date, and other key items that now drive me to use competitor apps for the same, public info. I hope this was a mistake, otherwise shame! There is no reason to hide public info like this; you will lose users.

Limited information

Some information is withheld from listings compared to the matrix agents set you up with. The matrix is more robust and informative. In particular, I was hoping to see hoa information.

Used to be great

Somehow john l scott is no longer picking up some new listings. Still a great UI, used to be my go to app, but not very useful if it does not pick up houses for sale that have been on the market for two weeks now!

Great app! Up to date and syncs directly with the MLS system

I buy and sell alot of homes and this is hands down my app of choice. It is completely up-to-date and syncs directly with the MLS system so as soon as listings hit the market, it'll send you the listings instantly if you set up a property tracker search. It definitely beats out Redfin and Zillow which tend to have lots of lag time between when listings come in the market and when they actually hit those sites. Zillow has a lot of manually updated features so if someone doesn't go in and change a home to pending or sold it would still show up as active. The John L. Scott app has many great features including maps, school data, street view, etc.

Try Redfin

Horrible app! Don't waste your time! Houses have been for sale for 5 days and still don't show on the JLS app.

Not the place to buy from. Or to sell from

I've been trying to get a hold of someone to help me buy my first house and john l Scott never got back to me. I have left 4 messages the first time I seen a house I liked. And then it was sold. The second time around I left 2 messages and nothing back. So I'm going with a different company. The only time they get back to you is if the price tag is large. With my husband email I sent a message on a high priced home and got a message quick. I hope that no one else has to deal with that.

Best Real Estate Map Out There

Incredible search and map. Very helpful. Would absolutely recommend!

Does not work

App will not work on my iPhone with IOS 8. I can do map is tracker and see the little description when I click the monopoly looking home, but when I try to open from there I get an error. It says. Error. Bad request. The app worked perfectly on my old phone so I'm not sure what the problem is. Please fix


I love this app so much! Everything you need to find a great home. User friendly, fast and comprehensive. I check it 2-3 times a week.

Used to be good

Used to be my go to app .. Now all it does is crash. Hope they fix it

Wigging out

The app isn't updating my favorites list so I can't see the houses I've added from the website.

Buggy as hell

This app has potential. The unfortunate reality is how many hiccups this app has. It will arbitrarily freeze mid search. I have to force close it innumerable times. I'm gonna hold out for an update cause there are some real issues.

Unstable with iOS 7.

Was a great app with the iPhone 4. However the screen size doesn't increase with the iPhone 5s. Also just recently the app started crashing and locking up my 5S.


I used to love this application. We even recommended this app to friends which led to home purchases through John L Scott brokers. Since the last update, the app is GARBAGE!!! Constant crashes, and major bugs. I will be searching for a better app.

Great home search

It's the best app for buyers to search homes for sale. It shows the new, pending or sold homes. It even shows the open houses. I just love it!

Home buyer

Really good search functions and easy use! The most up to date listings available!

Worst app ever

Slow, buggy, and crap

Quick access to Lisitngs

I can pull up all Lisitngs including sold and pendings which help to know what's going on in the market.

App show every thing active

We have been searching for a home for almost a year and thought this would be a great tool but to our disappointment it's does not work proper. It shows all homes as active even those that are not. Our John l Scott realtors work proper but not ours. I have set the search menu to show active but still all say active when we know they are pending. I have contacted support but they do nothing. So I deleted the app. It's to bad cause this app would have been a great tool for us.

Fantastic real estate app!

The users that have complained in their reviews need to get a new phone or learn how to use the one they have. You CAN share listings via email and it doesn't crash at all. If you know how to close apps that are running in the background more often and get in the habit of resetting your phone then ALL of your apps will run more smoothly. Also, you can setup a "property tracker" account easily and it will save your searches and even email you when new properties go on market that meet your criteria. This app is simple and efficient, yet allows you to search for new home listings in very specific fashion. Great app!

The BEST Real Estate application made. - Hands down!

The John L. Scott Real Estate app is the BEST real estate app made. Hands down! They are consistently ahead of the competition with their technology for not only the public but also for their real estate agents.


It is good

Can't even access

The minute I open the map to search, I receive a message stating that I need to connect to the Internet, but I am already connected.

Love the 2.0 update!

Great when I just want to see the asking prices of new listings in my neighborhood! Most signs don't have flyers so I can look it up instantly.

Sharing Info

It needs to let people share through other networks other than Facebook and Twitter. Ever heard of E-MAIL?!

Needs some work

This app would be great if I didn't have to start my search over every time I open it. It seems to save the search criteria but zooms all the way out every time very annoying.

Needs an update to fix frequent crashes

The app works ok, but tends to crash often. You have to start over when you open it back up. Very annoying!

Well done app!

I'm really enjoying this app so far. No crashes and the interactive map is a great feature. It's just missing one thing (unless it's there and I'm not seeing it): the ability to save properties to my "Favorites" list. I'd love to see that added when you update. Thanks!

Works great on my iPhone4s

No crashes so far, does basically what I want. Give it a try


Keeps crashing after about 1 minute when using the map.


App closes after about a min of using it an then u have to start all over. I get to look at about 1 property before it closes.


It would be perfect except the fact that whenever I'm looking at the pictures it crashes :(


Probably one if the best real estate apps out there...BUT...The app continues to crash when in the middle of your search. So annoying when I'm out looking for houses. Since my upgrade in system this continues to happen. PLEASE FIX!!!

Fix the Crashes!

This would be a great app, but it crashes every time I try to view photos. Being able to find homes on the map is great. I'm going to keep the app and hope the crashes gets corrected; otherwise, it's getting deleted.

Worked fine until I updated my OS

Fix the crashes and I'll give it 5 stars.

Keeps crashing

Seems like a great app, but it does keep crashing. Fix that and I'm sure it would be 5 star.

Doesn't work with OS 5.1

Worked great until OS5.1, now it crashes while viewing photos...every time. Needs a fix before I could recommend it.


One of the faster real estate apps out there. The interface is great and quick. Loads maps smoothly and scrolling+loading is lightning quick, especially on wifi. Much easier browsing experience over a few of the other well-known real estate apps.

Very decent real estate app

Have used the iPad version for a while and love it. So far it's the best real estate app I've used so far for house searching around the grater Seattle area. I have had a few crashes but they have been rare.

As good as their website!

Already love John L Scott's website and now they've managed to condense all that goodness into an app. Great job! Easy to use, full descriptions and loads of photos. Highly recommend.

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